About Us

DEVs for Humanity is a Federally Incorporated, Canadian, Not-for-Profit based out of Kingston, Ontario developing digital platforms across Canada and the globe.

DEVs for Humanity - Democratic

We are believers in Deliberative Democracy.

Our developers help produce projects that create awareness of important issues and aim to bring more people to the decision-making process for an outcome that benefits the many rather than the few.

Our Mission

We strive to provide world-class developer services and designs at reasonable rates to those looking to create awareness and action important topics of our day. We look to clear the fog on the development process making it easier to get online platforms up and running faster and eliminate distractions for the organizing of the cause.

Core Values

We work with Governments, Associations, and Individuals

by building, maintaining, and running digital platforms focused on a single topic. Our goal is to remove barriers of high development costs of producing digital platforms for causes that matter.

DEVs for Humanity - Developer
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